Samson and delihla

why did delihla betray samson

She was offered a large sum of gold by the Philistines, who viewed Samson as a threat.

There has been controversy by Hebrew scholars that she didn’t actually cut his hair, but that she informed the Philistines of his weakness and they cut his hair.

Basically, she sold her love for him for money.




There was an awesome series called The Bible that aired on the History Channel last year. There were several of the classic Bible stories portrayed.

I think its on Dvd, if you’re interested in it. I personally found it very touching, as the acting, production, and special effects were amazing.



i think it was on here too, i think its the same one you seen

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I actually don’t think that Delilah even liked Sampson. She might have even hated him but he was supporting her so her only way out was the silver they gave her.

If I remember right she was Philistine? I mean if someone killed a bunch of people from your country and was definitely ready to kill more would you find that particularly endearing?

I don’t think they said anything about how Sampson met Delilah. For all I know she could have been a slave he had bought (please please correct me if I am wrong). Sampson was also pretty stupid if he didn’t realize what was going on after the second or third time they came after him.

Didn’t Delilah end up feeling like she had done the wrong thing afterward? I want to say that she refused the gold but I don’t remember.

On an offbeat: “Samson” by Regina Spektor!

Delilah is a perfect example of a girl who a guy falls in love with due to her beauty and/or alluring mannerisms but she didnt really love him…
Also be not unequally yoked with unbelievers. This is extremely important!!.. I believe Samsons love was sincere at the time but he didn’t look at the big picture…Hebrews were forbidden to join with those of other religions… Even Solomon the wisest man on earth at the time took women who coerced him to build idols and follow other gods…

Here’s a message about Samson & Delilah

PS: For girls there are also guys that can be very attractive but do not share the same beliefs or have much in common and people tend to look at the physical attraction only and sleep with them without considering the rest of the person and who they are… big mistake…

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