Same Old Hurricane


Same old issues
Need more tissues?
Why on earth do they come to me?
I see the same old three time and again
Love’s loss, back problems or plain old sad
The same two, what will happen or what they wish never had
That fateful night of coke and rum
The day they fear will never come
The way that big kid made them feel dumb
The same old lame stuff leaves me numb
Cos in the end it’s all just one big hurt
Big fear
Big deal.

I wheel back to the subject
Yeah, that sucks. I get it but it gets better.

‘I get it.’

Do I?
Shouldn’t have questioned myself.
I surpress floods of sweat, can’t let regret show to a person I just met. Trying to forget
But I regress, going back to that time of stress. I thought I’d progressed
But I’m still just that child
Once wide-eyed in wonder but I’ve lost my smile
Have to hide it for others - they’ll think I’ve gone wild.
Won’t listen.
Can’t impress if I have to confess I’m under duress while my thoughts hold me captive
Capsizing my little boat of sanity
as I’m waterboarded by a waterfall
of confusion
after confusion
The agony making me reel
And I wheel
Back to the subject

It’s just the same.
Same old hurricane.