Same name. same person

This one is really prominent for me.
If a person has the same name of someone I know, I associate that person with the person I know.
Obviously they’re different people. My mind tries to find meaning where there is none, or maybe there’s a divine plan to this.


For me this was very prominent when I was in my sz but after medication these delusions are gone.

You should discuss it with your psychologist they help you.

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Names have meanings, and they shape the person who they belong… also, similar parents tend to give similar names to their children so really the name tells you something about the parents, which in turn tells you something about the person itself.

This is not to say that your delusion is correct, associating too strongly between these connections or relaying on them too much for decision making can be considered psychotic. I’m just saying that there is reason behind this delusion, and that if you learn to live side by side with it, you can learn from it.


There is a lot in a name, but it may also be a symptom of sz

A name is what you identify with. In school I got nicknamed spike. The dog from Tom and Jerry.

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