Same environment

you cannot heal in the same environment in which you fell ill. Right?


I feel like that’s spot on… 🤷

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Social media…TV…Radio…Computer…all drove me over the edge.

I’m leading a more minimalist lifestyle now as I’ve eliminated most of these outlets from my life. This forum is the one exception.

So you can change the environment that made you ill in the first place. It just takes willpower and discipline.


Yes. I’m intolerant to visual technology as well. Too much information. Too many images. Too much scrolling and searching. I had a full time tech job when I got my first episode. It was basically doing the same operation on a computer for about 10 minutes, then repeat all day, every day. It was probably a trigger factor for my sz.

It kind of makes sense though. We are the first computer generations. It takes time to adapt to such things. It’s not done in one generation.

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I also avoid live t.v. or radio…big trigger for me…


Not necessarily true. People just need a good treatment regimen. Once they feel good enough, they’ll clean up their environment.

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