Saltwater is up and running and other stuff

our salt water tank is up but we have no fish. my mother in law said she will buy some of the fish for us for helping her out with the kids and animals. i will be babysitting for 50-75 dollars a week which is cheap for child care.

we bought salt, crushed coral substrate and hydrometer and thermometer to float in the tank. we tested the salinity of the tank its a little above recommended but it was still cycling so who knows.

we rearranged the bedroom/living room problem is the tank is now in the way of the couch and tv.

my partner said she did the tank for me. she knows i love fish and i have always wanted a fish tank besides bettas but never had the permission to do it.


I used to keep saltwater tanks. They are a lot of fun but it’s an expensive hobby. Especially if you get into corals.

my in laws had the idea to put fish in already after the parameters were set we put crushed coral for the substrate and three small damsels. one 3 striped damsel, a talbot’s damsel and a assorted damsel that doesn’t really have a name supposedly. i named them too, i’m weird. roy, zip and larry the lemonhead. we might get a velvet damsel in a bit. i looked up snowflake clown and gladiator clowns. i wanted a snowflake and kay wanted a gladiator i checked them out and according to something i read they are the same thing.


Damsels are very territorial but some of them are really pretty. Good luck with it. Are you using a filter or live rock as filtration? I always used live rock and a protein skimmer in the sump for filtration. How big is the tank? If it is small a CPR Backpack is a good option too.

Wow! @cbbrown that is so cool. I’ve always wanted a saltie setup with a lionfish, man those are pretty. Best wishes for your new gilly friends. :slight_smile:

Live rock and a filter. We are going to wait before getting more fish

Fish are so much fun! I have a fresh water tank, only 20 gallons, and only one fish…I was in the hospital for 4 weeks and nobody could come and check on him, not even my case manager would, but when I got home yesterday he was still alive! A lot skinnier from 4 weeks without food but he inspires me to keep fighting!

I hope to add a couple next week. More neons.

I wanted originally to have freshwater but my partner said she knows i secretly wanted saltwater.

I will be babysitting so hopefully i can take care of my pets better . It’s not much 200 a month but i also get 80 from my in-laws for taking care of their pets.

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