Salsalate as an adjunctive treatment for psychopathology and cognition in patients with schizophrenia: a pilot study

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Conclusion: “Salsalate may have positive therapeutic effect in patients with schizophrenia. Future studies to examine potential benefits of salsalate as an adjunctive treatment to improve clinical symptoms and daily function in patients with schizophrenia are warranted.”

Sometimes I wonder why I am reading the news section and hoping for a cure. It doesn’t look like it’s coming.


@GentleSoul .
I like your attitude.
I also read the news section and hope for a cure.
Regarding coming or not coming,
who knows.
After all everything is possible.
But yes, X as an add on treatment for cosmetic improvements, doesn’t sound particularly

Anything that may improve daily functioning is important and hardly ‘cosmetic’.

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@firemonkey the AP I use, I feel very bad currently, and I gain weight and it doesn’t
cure nor even treat my symptoms efficiently.
I am very frustrated.
My physical fitness is severely harmed and I gain weight.
And it doesn’t improve my functioning or cognition by an inch

@firemonkey in case you have missed look what is says
"There was no significant change in any of the rating scales at week 12. "

I think a lot of people feel the same. Progress when it comes to better medications has been at a snail like pace.


@Chess24 from my perspective you have come a long way from where you were, in a very positive direction. I only see what you write here but the clarity with which you write and the diversity of conversations you are in now is a world away from how you were when you could only repeat about 5 different ideas. Maybe it’s hard for you to see the difference, but it’s huge

However, there was a trend decrease in the Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale total score, and a trend improvement in the Brief University of California San Diego Performance-based Skills Assessment total score (58.3±11.4 vs. 53.5±11.9, P=0.072; 69.7±18.2 vs. 79.1±15.9, P=0.084, respectively). There was a trend improvement in quality of life as measured by the Quality of Life Scale total score (74.0±20.8 vs. 76.9±22.7, P=0.080).

Maybe a small nugget of potential ?

It’s not statistically significant, but they only had 13 subjects, out of which 8 completed, so maybe future studies will confirm an effect.

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