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I’m in promotions for a major newspaper here in Southern California. There are jobs out there we can do that pay more than min wage. Can you do a repititious task–like pitch a product and handle objections–kinda like you’re ocd? Then sales/ marketing might be for you! Online is a great place to start your search, I started my marketing career in pitching tobacco products. It’s worked out ok for me, I’ve been in the industry for 5 years now, with my current employer for 2.5 years. I make enough so I don’t have to rely on ssid. Start small so your disability doesn’t get dinged and work you’re way up… there’s an internal satisfaction when you don’t have to fully rely on the man for money. A couple roadblocks are that you have to work well with others (customers and co-workers) and you’ll more than likely need a car. And you’ll need a professional appearance, I’m about 25 lbs overweight, any more weight and I’ll be up for review.

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My current job ends in a couple of months. I live in the southern US. Do you have any tips for me getting a job in sales or marketing? My undergrad degree was in English with a business minor.

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If you manage an interview, always cover your basics. A lot of times, these marketing companies will mass hire, so make sure your i’s are dotted and t’s crossed. Come across as professional, punctual, and have a good attitude. I’ve always interviewed well despite having sz… I prepare for interviews by reviewing possible questions (any good interview book should have examples).

With a degree in English, you may have an advantage when it comes to diction. A lot of sales and marketing is choosing the right words in the course of conversation that will lead to a sale or sign-up. Emphasize this to your potential employers, not to mention your minor as well.

Sounds good so far. Do you have any suggestions in terms of employers; who is hiring? Also, how much does this work usually pay for full-time employment?

I’m on the lookout for a job in business and marketing. I can’t do telemarketing anymore because I’ve gotten older and my voice is too deep and raspy sounding now.

I live in Southern California where the need for marketing professionals is always at a constant. I worked previously as a tobacco brand ambassador and was hired by the company BFG (Beverage and Food Group). New companies continually enter the market, Mktg is a company I see that is constantly hiring. Depending on where you live will obviously determine the number of hiring employers. What state do you live in?

I haven’t worked full time in the last five years. As a tobacco rep, I earned about $500 every two weeks working part time at about $20/ hr. The nice thing about this job was that I was able to keep my ssdi while I worked. I started to make more with my current job, earning about $35/hr. I work 20-25 hours a week and decided to keep my current workload and cease disability payments. You can do the math to ballpark how much you’d earn going full time.

Have you tried merchandising? Go to stores, take inventory, take photos using your phone and submit reports. Similar to marketing and having a car is a must. There is also brand ambassadorship where you go to retail locations to facilitate sampling of your employer’s product.


No, I can’t drive anymore and I don’t have a car. I’m thinking about doing something from home. Like posting links and drop shipping.

I live in Texas. I would like to at least $20 an hour full-time.

You may want to look at the website. For a low subscription price (yearly is by far the best deal) you can find jobs from home that have been screened to be legitimate. Some of them are full time and even offer benefits.

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Thank you so much for this information @doing-fine-thanks. It’s invaluable.

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