Sake is my new drink

Hana white peach sake 13 bucks a fifth damn good. Alcohol is my weekend mind clearing medication.

■■■■ it I’m just being honest, I function like a badass mother ■■■■■■ and then drink on Friday and Saturday nights. Not too much, just enough to get a good buzz. Like two stiff drinks. Makes me loosen up and make my muscles less tense and makes me more physical and animated. I can get boring sometimes.

Did you know that Freud was a mother ■■■■■■? Like, a real one?

really? did he ■■■■ his mother?

I heard he did.

This explains everything
I watched Underworld and then I engaged in coitus. I’m feeling kind of happy. I also found the perfect Psy D program where my friend is going to dental school. The plan is that we’re gonna room together. I drank a fair amount of sake not drunk though. Just in the euphoria stage.

Freud was pretty messed up - this is for sure

Alcohol was my room clearing medication…

I think everyone is happier when I don’t drink!


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I read on Google News that the FDA has given its approval to powdered alcohol. The states are against it. Etc, etc…

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I used to love sake when I thought I was a samurai. But really I was self medicating I guess.
Then I swore off any drinking when it became apparent our son was an alcoholic. My brothers were but I did not understand it until I studied AA books. Happy to say son turned his life around and now lives in his own appartment that I pay for to keep him away from my toxic husband.