Saint or Schizophrenic

I was thinking the other day about how if I lived in the Middle Ages I would be a person high up in the church or a saint of some kind. Now my saintly thoughts are no more than some kind of aberrant thinking without value which make me look like a kook. Many of us have this kind of religious thinking which is of no value today because societal values throughout the world have changed drastically since the end of the nineteenth century.


Jesus was labelled Insane in his time.

So was Mohammed

So was Plato

So was the Buddha in India

So was Osho

So was Kabir, Kabir’s own Mom called him Insane and wanted him locked up.

LENIN the russian revolutionary was labelled Insane.

So was Karl Marx.

You leave it to society to label you as to what they want…They would label anyone insane if they do not agree to the Societal needs - “Power, Money, Reputation” and primarily “STATUS QUO”

Everyone wants a STATUS QUO. Anyone who is against the Status Quo is trouble for society.


And thank God they have! And I certainly feel no nostalgia for the Middle Ages. They had a nasty habit of burning people at the stake back then.


In many parts of the world right now in 2015 attitudes towards mental health have not really altered since the Middle Ages. This video is only 12 minutes long - but long enough to make me count my blessings.


It is difficult, if not impossible, to thank “God” now. This is just leftover speech.
The local deity here in this part of Maryland is the crab.

I have personal experience of a mental hospital in India. so do ask me :slight_smile:

Saurav, is it really as bad as this video makes it appear?

e(Y)e Fynde That Easy ,

My Arms Are Naught Chained at Thus Moment … ,

e(Y)e have Thus and That and Thus and That ,

All Within a Comfortable Coffin Of SIMPLICITY … ,

When It Comes To Spirituality e(Y)e Fynde it To be Of No Difficulty To Talk About "religon’ and Such …,

I Thank Our Truth Father/Mother Each Nite Before e(Y)e Pass Out … ,

" thank you for another peaceful day " ,

Then e(Y)e Disappear … ,

e(Y)e Once Told an Older Woman About My Coma and She Was a Moment Away From Yelling At Me Because
e(Y)e Didn’t Run Around Telling Everyone About My Coma , Screaming About a Miracle … ,

I Kept My Cool and Said , “no one gives a ■■■■” ,

and She Looked At me As If She Wished e(Y)e Was Dead … ,

Tha Truth Hurts , and Tha Truth is e(Y)e haven’t Seen You Participate In Anything Around Here , handing Out Personal Wisdom OR Anything Else That Could Help Tha Youth Throo Their Struggles and Troubles … ,

Point is Thus ,

e(Y)e Believe in God and Give Thanks Every Day … ,

What Does a Non-Believer Such as Yourself Do (???)

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i am far away from the saints, i have bad thoughts and without meds i become hysterical with rage :confused:

I feel for you seriously, I do. Why subject yourself to another hospitalization, this I don’t get. If you were hospitalized in such a horrific place why are you refusing the help you got so you won’t go back? It seems it’s worse for women, but I would like to understand why do you do this to yourself.

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worse off. 15151515

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St. Pedro, a mystic of our times

“Trust in Him at all times, you people; Pour out your heart before Him; God is a refuge for us.” - Psalm 62:8

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I would have been burned at the stake. 1000 years from now or even 100, my views on reality might be common place, depending if string theory is proved correct or incorrect. In today’s society, I’m labelled irrational and schizophrenic.

Maybe some, but it couldn’t plausibly be all? How many “saints” are needed? Is it sensible to say that 1% of the population is fit for sainthood? That’s about the rate that SZ is occuring in the modern world.

I’m not sure about the word “saint”. I was definitely in a great place when SZ happened, and I definitely thought I was helping reconcile criminals that were trying to alter my conscience, but I’d rather stay agnostic about any privilege I may or may not receive because of this. I’m definitely a theist, just unsure about what is going to happen beyond physical death.

absolutely sure there is more than 1 life.

I feel as if it is more-or-less a continuum of the first life. A “first life” on Earth, a “second life” on (???). That’s my basic belief structure.

My certainty will grow with age about my next destination. I’m young and far away from death, so it shouldn’t be at the forefront of my thoughts just yet. I have lots of other things to be working out in my conscience that take priority.


Rite Here )))------- > /<|>\ Tha Root Of Jealousy /<|>\ < -------((( Rite Here

Your Thots Are Wanted ,

Tha Lurkers Are VERY Impatient …,

With that Said ,


" makes Me Wonder " ,

Slide Back Up and JUMP INTO THAT THREAD (!!!)

I do know that the number of animal population growth is exponential to the linear human growth. If humans re-incarnate into animals than this probability is all the more likely.

Also I do believe that heaven and hell are also kind of true. I do know there is more to life than the one on Earth. I do absolutely know there is life in other parts of our universe. Science too probably knows it but is too cowardly to reveal it.

This one life(Human) is more like what you want to do. It is like you

a. Have a CANDY

b. Have a Tunnel with a hole.

99.99% of Humanity chooses the easy way out…the Candy and then fall into the trap.

Only 0.01% of humanity chooses the dark tunnel with a hole and it is only through that dark tunnel that peace will be found.

Or Naught , JEEZE ,

e(Y)e Guess It’s Up To Yoush …