Safety of the vaccine

I don’t know if I’m getting vaccinated either.
I don’t trust the vaccines.
I see what it’s doing to my father.

I’ll probably wait for herd immunity to take hold.

My caseworker said that the Pfizer vaccine is available for me to take later on in February.
I think I’m going to decline.

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I don’t know why in the ■■■■ my fathers medical team at the hospital pushed him to get vaccinated with a drug that has very little data on how it affects older and frail patients.
As far as I’m concerned this is malpractice.

If anything happens to my father I’m going to see a lawyer.

Totally negligent.

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If folks aren’t willing to get vaccinated, herd immunity will not happen and the virus will continue to mutate.

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Just found out there’s a telephone number you can call if you’ve experienced negative effects from the Covid vaccine.
They will compensate you for any damages that have occurred due to unwanted side effects that need medical treatment.


Hi @Moonbeam
I asked my father and he wants to get the second dose of the vaccine.
Except for some lower back pain hes doing better.
We’re going to speak to his medical team to make sure it’s ok.


My father just got off the phone with his doctor.
His doctor doesn’t think that my fathers symptoms are related to the vaccine he received.

He said that the only side effect that could be attributed to the vaccine is the fatigue that my father was experiencing.

According to him his back pain and breathing issues are not related to the Moderna vaccine.

Regardless my father seems to be getting better.


I’m glad to hear your father is feeling better. Also, it’s good he was able to talk with his doctor about the vaccine.


Thanks @Moonbeam


glad to hear your father is getting better!
i hope he keeps improving =)


Thanks @lekkerhondje!

He still is experiencing pain on his lower back but I don’t think that it’s a vaccine side effect.

He suffers from lower back pain regularly.


My dad also has had his first jab. He fortunately did not get any side effects. I hope it doesn’t take too long for the second jab to happen


I talked to my dad today about schizophrenia being a high risk for mortality in Covid-19 and he said no that that’s just a theory and anyone can post things on the internet. He is in touch with medical workers because he writes software for data collection for hospitals.

So schizophrenia is not a risk factor for covid19 mortality according to the data. He’s sending me the studies right now and I will forward them if I can. I asked him to find some research on the safety of the vaccines also. So I hope to hear back on that soon.

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