Safety of the vaccine

I just want to know that the vaccine is safe.

Is this ignored because I am genuinely asking a question that is just making me more skeptical.

Please avoid the conspiracy theories and talk of eugenics. That is inappropriate for a support forum. All’s I know is that many people come here who don’t think they have sz due to this or that. Most folk are in the right place as far as I can see.

Sorry, I am beginning to realize that people like me with schizophrenia are under the extremely vulnerable high risk category. I am still afraid to get the vaccine. But I am doing more searching online to see if others have had it and did not have side effects.

It would be nice if there were more outreach to vulnerable people. So far only the elderly are getting the vaccine that I know of or essential workers.

I don’t trust the vaccine. It was pulled out of Big Pharma’s ass in just a few months.



They’ve given out a lot of doses of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines in my province and there’ve been very few interactions or reactions. If anything, this vaccine is less risky than the annual flu vaccinations we have, which is great news. The conventional flu vaccine is exceedingly safe.

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I don’t trust the vaccines either, I just hope there’s no permanent effects that my father has to endure.

Although he’s feeling better than he did yesterday.

I honestly don’t know if I’ll be getting vaccinated.

It took the flu vaccine years to get approved.

These Covid vaccines aren’t even FDA approved.

The Moderna handout said that experiencing unknown side effects are possible.

Studies of this vaccine are ongoing.


I don’t think so.
Show me the proof

I plan on getting the covid vaccine as soon as I am able to. For me, it would be far riskier to get covid.

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I’m thinking about receiving the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.
It might be milder than the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

It’s a one dose vaccine.


I’ll get the vaccine as well when it’s available…just don’t want my teenage daughters to get it.

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I honestly don’t think that there are enough studies on how the vaccines affect children or teenagers.


Moderna has started clinical trials on adolescents.

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Government of Alberta Website. They post vaccination and adverse reaction stats. Go have a look.

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All I’m saying is that these Covid vaccines are operating in uncharted waters.
They were rushed through the system and they are not FDA approved.
These vaccines were mainly tested on healthy adults and I just found out today that there are very few studies on how they affect the population over 60 years old, especially those suffering from health issues.
There are too many unknowns when it comes to the Covid vaccines.

At least the influenza vaccines have been studied over a span of many years.
And they are FDA approved.

If you don’t mind would it be possible to send a link to that info?

I’m not buying that the Covid vaccines are safer than the flu vaccines.

Covid is a more potent virus than the flu so the effects are going to be greater.

Plus there are just not enough studies when it comes to the Covid vaccines.

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If you can survive a day or two of fever it is safe.

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My father didn’t have fever.
He’s having awful pain on the side of his lower back.
This is new pain that surfaced after the vaccination.
He’s also experiencing breathing difficulties and flu like aches and pains days after the vaccination.

Unfortunately there are no studies on the long term effects of these vaccines.

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i’m not sure i trust the vaccine either… i’ll prob get it eventually cause they gonna push me but if i have to go out to go get it then i won’t get it… if they come to give it to me at home then maybe.
But i’m not sure it can be trusted…

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