Safer places to go for young people to go when there in there 20's

the is a time and place when young need to be free to over come the things that are happening to them when they have schizophrenia. and there is not too many shalterd places careing for them I was on the road and street waiting for my ssi and ssd . to take care of me. we need a training center that cares just for the down side of this illness. there are some group mental health centers, but no free ones that take day and night schools in recover small steps. that help the youth combat there schizophrenia with careing life styles suited for ones we all care fore. we would have less schizophrenia persons doing bad things if we did. two cents. build schizophrenia schools just for them.


Schizophrenia schools- you know, if anyone ever listens to me, I think I will strongly advocate a university for gifted schizophrenic people. So many of us are of above average intelligence and do well in school, it’s ridiculous. Sort of like Xmen and the school for mutants.

I might add that it would bring together typically socially isolated young people and stigma would be nonexistent due to an admission criteria of diagnosis of psychotic disorder of some sort.

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Sounds like it’d be a great place prof.

How much would it cost to get a university going?

1000 teachers at 100k a year is a million bucks to cover salary. Generous one at that.

A few square miles of land is probably the most expensive part.

Yeah… I’d like to see better housing options. An understanding, supportive community can make such a difference, why should we have to find it only online? Here in the Netherlands you have community based housing initiatives, which are arranged in such a way that you get to know your neighbours better and spend more time with them. That kind of thing should be a lot more common and accessible.

Here it’s more about privacy and security.

Let people get to close and they’ll and a lot of them will just try to take advantage of you.

We weren’t even allowed to meet up with people outside of group therapy.

A lot of people in therapy just need good non judgmental friends to help them sort there ■■■■ out while feeling accepted.

We need places for so called normal people to find jobs and learn how to keep a job and be safe too and stay away from drugs and crime.
But that’s not happening either so what’s the chance for the ill?
I think people can get more ill when there is so much stress from just normal life.

Our culture is so messed up. People make multiple babies and don’t take care of them and teach them how to be loving humans.