Sad today...tired of missing all my friends

I cry all the time when I think about my friends I never see again…my car won’t make it to see them and it’s a 3 hour drive one way to see them so they never come see me anymore…I am 56 and I think I’m having a mid-life crisis…why can’t I be happy just knowing I have friends…I keep thinking about college when I was surrounded by friends all the time…life is sad today…still grieving over my step dad and Julie dying I guess…oh if I could just see my friends again !!

Sorry you are having such a bad time. Going through grieving without friends and family around makes it that much more difficult.

Interaction with others can at least temporarily distract us from sadness to let us grieve in little doses we can handle better.

Could you call your friends using video from your computer? Cant some phones do this too? I know it is not s good as in person, but might help a little.

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Alas, I have a dumb phone not a smart phone with video capability…there’s skype but that costs money and my friends don’t skype anyways, but good idea anyways…thank you for responding, it’s so hard to get anyone to talk to me when I’m down on here…I have my gf and my dogs to keep me company and that helps immensely. Some fine day my friends will come to see me. I live in a small town far from them so it’s hard to get them to come see me. I think Julie’s suicide is what makes me so down and I don’t think of her except when I am writing about her…I don’t think I’ve accepted that she is dead yet…same with my step dad…it is so hard !!

It’s been 6 years in July and I still feel like phoning my mom I will never accept her death

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I am sorry for your loss…I don’t know what I would do without my mother…!! I hope you find peace.

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You able to Skype with them at least? That might help! Hope you feel better soon.


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no skype here…that would really be cool.

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