SAD lamp versus taking vitamin D. Guess who's the winner


A friend of mine just bought me a Blues Buster bulb to try. It should be here Wednesday. Can’t wait to try it out. I’ve been horribly unmotivated and blah for weeks and weeks.


I had a significant vitamin D deficiency and the doc gave me 50000 iu’s once a week forever and just kept testing me every couple of months, it was only slightly improving. It wasn’t until they told me to start taking 5000 iu’s daily that the deficiency finally stopped. I don’t know about the full spectrum bulb for deficiency but it does help for my mood. It really helps but in small doses. I think using both is the way to go.


its a sad day in history


never tried it, can you get it from a drink or anything? i’d much rather drink it than pop another pill lol


You can get vitamin D drops. Or gummies.


what else is rich in vitamin D?


Isn’t that dose way too high if you don’t have a deficiency? And don’t you live somewhere pretty sunny?


Liver, cod liver oil. I wouldn’t recommend consuming a lot of that though.

Milk and mushrooms also contain vitamin D but nowhere near what it would take to raise vitamin D levels.

People make vitamin D by exposing their skin to the sun - but for that to work it has to be during a time of day and season that you get enough exposure. It’s hard to do in certain areas and seasons, so people supplement.


Without a documented deficiency and doctor’s oversight - I was placed on 50,000IU weekly for extreme deficiency, and it helped incredibly.


you must have been firing laser beams out of your eyes lol


It is hard to OD on D. The body makes thousands of mg itself when in the sun. It is being discovered to be essential to almost all bodily function which is why the body makes it.

Most of the time excess is excreted in urine.

I say most of the time and hard to because there are ways to OD on everything. People always find a way.


My mood is much better


Vitamin D is fat-soluble, so it doesn’t get excreted effectively through urine, and your body regulates vitamin D uptake from the sun. I know it’s hard to flat out overdose on, but it still seems like a pretty dumb decision to take more than the recommended max daily dose without consulting a doctor about it.


Oh no, I’m not advocating taking tons. But a lot of things point to needing more than 600 or 800iu a day.

I’m prescribed 5000 a day. But I also live in a place with long winter and already have a documented deficency.


Here is some information on how much D is optimal. They have a lot of citations you can follow for more in depth info.


So maybe I should be taking 20 micrograms instead of 10? I get basically no sun exposure in the winter time and I weigh 80kg. So judging from that article, 10 micrograms might not be enough. I do eat fish sometimes, and I drink a lot of milk.


Not sure but I’d say the sad lamp because sunlight raises serotonin as well. Also vitamins sometimes don’t get absorbed properlu