SAD lamp versus taking vitamin D. Guess who's the winner


All subjects receiving vitamin D improved in all outcome measures. The phototherapy group showed no significant change in depression scale measures.

The amount of vitamin D given was way over the top though. 600IU per day is the recommended maximum.


I have both and they aren’t working well


So, the SAD lamp owners were … sad?




I’ve just started taking 600iu vitamin D a day now. I hope it does something.


I like my mood lamp. :hugs::hugs::hugs:


600 IU of vitamin D isn’t going to do anything except keep you from getting rickets.

If you have a vitamin D deficiency, it will not reverse it.

The people getting 100,000 IU had blood tests so they knew they would not be overdosing them (no one should take that amount without medical guidance, also this is a one time dose and not an ongoing supplement.)

To give you an idea, the reccomended amount of vitamin D for infants is 400-1,000IU. (Depending on who you ask.)

If you think you have a vitamin D deficiency, get tested and the doc will tell you how much to take. 600 IU is not going to even budge your vitamin D levels.


The recommended daily amount of vitamin D is 400 international units (IU) for children up to age 12 months, 600 IU for ages 1 to 70 years, and 800 IU for people over 70 years.

However, taking too much vitamin D can be harmful. Children age 9 years and older, adults, and pregnant and breast-feeding women who take more than 4,000 IU a day of vitamin D might experience:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Poor appetite
  • Constipation
  • Weakness
  • Weight loss
  • Confusion
  • Disorientation
  • Heart rhythm problems
  • Kidney damage


Since taking 2500 IUs a day, prescribed by my dr due to deficiency, I have been feeling much better


Look up some of the studies on how long it takes to even raise vitamin D levels 10 points with 1,000 and 2,000 IU a day.

That’s why doctors will sometimes give 100,000 or 200,000 IU (as a single dose - don’t do this on your own), because it takes months to budge. 1,000 might not even do it.

That’s why you should get tested, so you can take an effective dose.

The guidelines are for people who don’t have deficiencies.


Yeah. I don’t have a deficiency so I’ll stick with the guidelines. Like I said I hope it helps.


Oh, I see. Well if your levels are normal, it’s probably not going to do anything as it’s not going to change your blood levels. But it’s not gonna hurt.


I’m supposed to take 5000 a day of D but I can’ylt afford it like I should. My bloodwork shows a deficency.


Vitamin d supplementation gave me insomnia. I woke up extremely early too. Then i felt like a zombie all day from lack of sleep.

Vitamin D supplementation is not for me at all. :frowning:


I take vitamin D3 because I don’t get a lot of sun, and more to the point, Oregon is often cloudy and not the kind of weather where one is going to go out and sun bathe. Most of the year I wear long sleeve shirts or hoodies and long pants. So, I supplement with vitamin D3 taken with a meal containing fat so it gets absorbed. I take 5000 iu a day.


I’m gonna try this vitamin. Thanks ever hopeful.


My parents have this and I took one to try it out I’ll see how I feel


I talked with one person at one vitamins and supplements store and he recommended vitamin D to prevent any seasonal depression, we also discussed how exercising can help to prevent this seasonal depression. This is very important here where I am because we have the dark season currently.


then why do my house plants do so well on sunny days?

take a look.


Either way I suppose you get energy. Vitamin d in pill form is like pill form of the chemical most similar to energy from the sun. Sad lamps are like artificial energy in light. So either way are good ideas in winter time when there is no sun. To me, real sun is certainly the best method. But that’s easier said than done in January.


I have a deficiency so I take 2000 IU of vitamin D a day.

I guess it’s helping with depression as I’m not as depressed anymore.

I can’t use my SAD lamp because of mania issues.