Sad but true

the tender age of 18, i remember the hottest girl i knew , before i fell inlove i was preparing to leave her…! story of my life


Past is past, focus on your wife and not other girls.

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i have no wife buddy

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Oh I thought you said “before you fell in love”.
So you fell in love and left her?

I would say, Love cause schizophrenia. Same to me.

i sort of fell in love and then later a psychotic episode happened, i still wonder about her

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my ingredients caused my snap in d mind

I know what you mean, my gf left me after my sz.
She said I am doing nothing in my life, no work, no study, no more friends. She wanted me to pay her half the rent and live with her but I don’t have money. I was useless to her, all I could provide was sex.

i guess she wasn’t meant for, you…! sex is good but theres many other things on building a relationship, sometimes it can be a blessing for it 2 end…keep trying is the jest of d game for satisfaction in all departments of life if one tries

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