Sacrificed All

On this 9-11 remember all those innocent who lost life.

Though I don’t know all the complications that surround MY life,
I still wake up every day ready to tackle what is in store.

I am proud to be an American, and I want to extend blessings to all of us.


Rest in Peace to those lost, love to those affected then and still now, and hope to us all that life and the world will become more peaceful


I was at work in Canada 9/11 2001…

Our supervisor made us all stop working for a moment of silence. Then he made a speech about cowardly terrorists murdering our neighbors from the south. There wasn’t a dry eye on the shop floor.

Godspeed USA…the greatest country in the world!!

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I wonder where we’d be if 9/11 never happened. I don’t believe God causes humans to start violence, so I don’t blame God for that day. But imagine how much better the world could have been without that day, yeah?

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Thats wierd.

Just saying. Thats a wierd coincidence there.

i don’t want to sound rude but you shouldn’t follow that crap man i’ve met alot of mentally ill people that really believe in things like that and are really stir crazy about it.
All it is, is people like you and me or some other random in the world creating random crap that fits in line with propaganda spreaded conspiracy messages that are created by individuals that either want to generate fame, cause pandemonium or generate money from click-bait material of youtube or other adsense. and it spreads far enough that it influences the weak minded mentally ill people that fall into their BS. when all they’re doing is making funds of click-bait. they’re so far from the “truth” they wouldn’t know it if it bit their asses. I can tell you go into any mental ward and there is one person at least that completely believes in it so much so that it becomes every waking moment apart of their life and destroys them from the inside out.


If you take the pentagram that is made of the streets of washington, which has a temple just above it, and connect the two of the points it forms a line.

Continue the line all the way to the pentagon and it intersects exactly where the pentagon was attacked.

Wow, thats strange. What are the odds right? Go see it for yourself.

When the pentagon was built this point of intersection was formed. So yeah.

So if you form a line out of two specific points with the pentagram forming the streets of washington and you follow it to the pentagon it intersects directly with the point of attack on that fateful day. Said pentagram contains a temple directly above it.