Sacramento, CA or Oregon?

What place would you recommend to move to Sacramento CA or Oregon? I am traveling with my friend to both regions soon to check it out.

I’m in Oregon and really like it here.

Oregon for sure. I’ve been to Oregon before.

I should say only by a trail though. Lost many good people on the Oregon trail.

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CA is beautiful and dry but crazy laws about business and other stuff, going down hill. Oregon has a high income tax and no sales tax. They have a lot of porn shops. Cool weather and beautiful countryside.

I lived in brookings, Oregon for a year. also spent a lot of time in grants pass, and went up and down the coast quite a bit. I really liked Astoria, Oregon, I remember they had domesticated deer and their library was really old with creaky wood floors. I liked it. sacramento is ok, been there as well, but im not a city person anymore. if you don’t mind the rain, Oregon is a good place.

Come to Oregon! I love it here. Cool hikes, cool weather, beautiful nature. What more can you ask for?

Sacramento is hot. Oregon is cold.

The quality of life is different. Both places have things in common. Being a big city in California, Sacramento might offer more entertainment or amenities than Oregon. More stores, restaurants, more luxuries and services. More adult entertainment like clubs and bars.

It’s not like Oregon is some backward place with none of those things but I think Sacramento would have more of this stuff concentrated in a smaller area and have everything conveniently available and more accessible.

Someone in my family couldnt afford to retire in Sacramento. So they moved to Oregon. Cali is expensive.

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