Sabotage by an outside intelligence

As part of my illness/delusions, I experience being sabotaged by an outside intelligence. For example, it will do things like mind control me in devious ways. I might make an innocent, truthful statement, but this outside intelligence will control my thoughts to make them seem deceptive (to those who are reading my mind). This outside intelligence also likes to make me say things I don’t think in order to create a false impression of me. Its actions really feel like the work of a separate, powerful intelligence.

Anyone else experience anything like this?

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Before I got on meds, I felt that I was being controlled by things that possessed me. On meds, I didn’t feel like that.

I still have left over unusual beliefs in that I think it was all true. But again, meds put these beliefs in the background and I can get on with my day. Previously I was obsessed with these thoughts.

What was it like being possessed and what were you controlled to do? Did it feel like there was a super intelligence manipulating you to sabotage you? I really feel that way, so just wondering how similar our
experiences are.

Yes, it felt like that. Sabotage. Are you on meds? I can completely recommend them!

Thanks. Yup, I’m on meds. Still feel this way unfortunately.

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