Rush of energy

Why do I get a rush of energy when taking my meds late? Is it a dopamine rush? Yesterday took Risperdal at 9:30pm and today at 11:30pm. Its like if my negative symptoms begin to disappear but I know that I will have positive symptoms the next day…

My pharmacist said to take it at the same time everyday…

Do you take your meds at the same time everyday?

I sleep like a baby on zyprexa at night. Still. I love routine and take pills same time every night and same time every morning. To do that I eat same time everyday pretty much and go to bed same time etc. It really does help with meds for me.

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I tried to not take my meds but my parents caught me as they ask me everynight if I took my meds and I told them no today. They said I was irrational and violent without meds also that I lost tons of friends bcz of my positive symptoms and that I will lose the rest of my friends forever if I stop my meds again. I guess they are right.

They are the ones who know. Why not get a bit organised and try to take your meds same time every night. I’m a big believer that your body adjusts to them and it seems to work well for me. I still have breakthroughs but I’m better able to deal with them these days.


I try to but sometimes I enjoy forgetting the meds and that I am ill. Idk if i will be able to live on my own without the temptation to stop meds.

Sounds like some routine would help your lifestyle. You’ve nothing to lose and more to gain. Try adding some regular exercise even if you don’t feel like doing it. Just do it same time everyday. You’d be surprised how much difference it can make.

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