Rush Limbaugh and his role in their efforts to control people

It was January 2000. My former U.S. spouse had left earlier in December 1999 after I had told she was a ■■■■ after perceiving her little smile. I listened Limbaugh’s radio show and heard how he told how people should not be surprised if they get the mutual restraining order with the divorce complaint. In the same evening in Atlanta a cop arrived at the house where I lived. I did not open the door and he started calling to get an arrest warrant as I listened him secretly. Then I opened the door and he brought this divorce complaint in which there was a mutual restraining order. I knew that Rush Limbaugh was a part of their influence network as he has been always a part of the U.S. intelligence apparatus. This is a true story of my past life.

?? …hehehe. Isn’t that a misnomer?

Back in March 1999 Rush Limbaugh had the Friday open lines always. Once they discussed what the war in Kosova was about and one caller called in and said that it was about oil, the Caspian oil. Soon few days after I listened how he was telling how somebody had received a call and they were following what happened to him. I believe it was a call from the national security establishment to counter those who somehow reveal the national security information. Three days after my former U.S. spouse left in December 1999 I received a call, but I knew about this and I slammed the phone quickly down. My mind got very disoriented, got crazy and I started doing wierd things, but I recovered from that. I believe it was their effort to ‘neutralize’ me.