Rural joke- a true story!

in the heart of the countryside there was a kindergarten, and inside there was a teacher telling her flock of five year olds a story about a modern take on ’ the three little piggies '.
she said to the children, “…and the first little piggy took his wheel barrow and went down to the local farm to talk to the local farmer about buying some straw for its house it was building…” the teacher continued…
" the first little piggy saw the farmer and went up to him and said, " good afternoon mr. farmer, i am enquiring about puchasing some straw for my house i am building, do you have some straw for sale ? ".
with that the teacher put down the book, and said to the children, " now what do you think the farmer was thinking when the first little pig was talking to him ? ".
a little boy, named tom put his hand up at the back and said " i know miss ".
the teacher said " what was he thinking then tom ? "
tom said, " he was thinking ’ ■■■■ me a talking pig ! ’ "