Running long distance

Does anyone here do long distance running? How far can people run? Thanks


I run on a track at a gym but I can’t even make it around the track without walking. I’m trying to run farther. emphasized text

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I used to run long distances. Dunno how long exactly but it was a 40 to 45 minute jog

Now I can just about run for the bus n that’s it

The Summer Olympics have a 15km run competition and complete the distance in under an hour.

@Sheryl, I’m out of shape now but I used to be a runner. When I first started I jogged for one minute walked for 2. Then a week later jogged for 2 minutes and walked for 2. Then 5 minutes. Then 7. Then 10. Then 12. Then 15… it worked great. Now I’m building up stamina on the elliptical. I’m up to 15 minutes. My goal is 20. How old are you? I’m 43 so it’s harder to build up stamina now than it was when I was a runner in my twenties.

I run 1 mile a day, well on weekdays. I used to run 5k’s so 3.1 miles, but that’s as far as I run. I have no desire to run a half or full marathon, but my sister has done a marathon.

I have a trip this summer, to a summer festival where we will be running 2 miles, hope I can make it the whole way without stopping to walk. Im just in it for the t-shirt though really.

I’ve read that long distance running ruins your knees

Well then my knees are perfectly safe

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I used to run half marathons.

Right now I run about three miles or so each week. Hoping to work up to more but have not really been increasing lately.

I used to run 3 to 7 miles a day before meds. Now I can’t run around the block.

If the person running long distance has a BMI of 25 +/-3 then that person’s knees will be fine. A person with a BMI over 30 and runs long distance will have knee issues as the body weight significantly impacts the knee joints.

4,73km is the longest run I’ve done. Working on uping the distance.
Havent run in like three weeks though, need to start it up again.

I’m back into it at 49. I’m doing about 2k with a break to do some steps. So basically running 1k. It’s good. My lungs are still a bit dodgy after the flu but I’m getting there.

I hope to do like 5k’s a day or maybe a bit more. Depends on other training.

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I’ld like to lose like 5 kg of weight. Should make it easier to run further.

I just ran 5k 2 days ago in 36 minutes, I’m planning to do 2 more this month. I love running but on top of that I had weight lifting and speed training to keep me well conditioned

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I can run well in the evenings 5 miles so far

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I also used to run in the army. We would go miles without stopping. That was in my twenties too. I’m 49 now.

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I’ve been trying out the cooper test. It’s an estimate of vo2 by how far you can run in 12 minutes. Started at 1.7km and I’m up to 1.92km in 12 minutes.

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