Running away from reality

I am suppose to take antipsychotic,but don’t wanna take it because of sexual side effect…am I running away from reality?

I think you should talk to your psychiatrist about the side effects. There may be something they can do to help you. Not taking the meds isn’t going to help you as you’ll just end up psychotic.


What AP @Gtx1990 ?

Yo it must be going well with ur gf

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Reality just might up and slap you in the face. Talk to your pdoc about it.

You should share your concerns with your pdoc, like the others said. Perhaps there’s something else you could take. Simply not taking them is probably not the best way to go.

I had sexual side effects with risperidone.
Now I am on a combo of 3 antipsychotics and I have erection again

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