Running and meds

Anyone on this forum a runner? I run 5 miles a day 6 times per week. Am on respiradone. How far and how fast can you run? Thanks


Depends on who’s chasing me


How long it take you to run in minutes

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Good job and healthy lifestyle. Keep going :slight_smile:

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Usually around 35mins but can run it in 32:30

How long have you been running

Thanks mate want to increase the miles

I ask because I was doing too much exercise and made my anxiety and stuff worse

6 months with the illness

Does risperidon make you slower, sedatad or you dont have trouble at all with this med?

I was on 4mg risperidone before and I think I would have struggled to run on it. I only started running after I got switched to Abilify

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Not sedated just muscle sourness and took a different brand of the same medication and the muscle sorness went.

Do you experience muscle sorness on ablify?

Yes I did but I put that down to being an amateur at running. No pain no gain :sweat_smile:

i jog 20 mins a day about 2k

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Does anyone else get this weird thing with their leg when they try to run or after a few minutes of running? It’s like the foot goes dead and turns inwards when running under pressure. Anyone at all?

Nope Italy2010, I just loose motivation my legs just don’t wanna jog. I used to jog all the time. But now my legs just won’t listen to my brain it’s soo strange

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I used to run back in the day. Now I’m just too old and not that super skinny anymore. My body would hurt if I ran. I now take walks.

That’s really great. I’m on 4.75mg risperidone and I immediately quit exercising and haven’t since. Maybe I’m just being a baby

You might want to check your blood thickness, as soon as you can

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