Running 3 times a week for an hour

Gyms are opening on the 25th of July in the UK. I’m going to run on a treadmill 3 times a week. Do you guys think I’ll lose weight? I’ll adjust my diet to minimise junk food.


It’s a positive step and it will improve your health. Weight will come off if you stick with it and eat right etc. You really need to be disciplined with both but wish you the best with it.


I think so. The RealFeel where I am was 104 today and in the hundreds the past week. That’s 40C. It’s so hot I can imagine doing any exercise in it at all

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If you haven’t exercised in a while make sure to drink plenty of water. And maybe stretch after you run. Maybe add some variation to your runs by running intervals like 1min sprint 30sec walk or jog. Or adding incline to your run. But you should lose weight. Just avoid cutting carbs for running.

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LS! During the Corona close down of gyms I have been exercising ten times a week on my Concept2 rower. I did not lose weight, I gained a kilo. But I lowered my blood glucose: my HbA1C is now within the normal reference range (value 42 down from 45 three months ago). My fasting blood glucose was 6.8 still a bit too high but it came down from 7.1 three months ago.

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I lost weight pretty quickly when i did night runs. Still do them sometimes, but i switch it up with biking now.

Tho i changed my diet and drank protein shakes. I lost some weight.


I remember losing weight on the stair climb but I pushed myself for the minutes I was on at one point my cardio got so good that I was running up the stairs for 9 minute


Yeah I will add slight incline whilst running as no incline is almost like running downhill which is bad for the knees.

if it is consistent, then yea you will do well with that :slight_smile:

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Remember to read about knee problems

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I did a slow jog for half hour today. Its so exciting that I could do it. Plus weather is great. I love what jogging does for the skin.

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