Runners high

Does anybody get runners high? Mine is awesome. It’s better than any drug I’ve ever done. Really.


cant say i’ve ever had a runner’s high, but i do get a pump and feel great after throwing some weights around.

I loved runner’s high when I used to jogg or bike outside, also at the gym. It doesn’t have to be running outside, it could be biking or elliptical too, intense cardiovascular exercise.

I’ve never run long enough to experience it. How long does a person have to run?

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Yep I used to get it a lot. Every time before I would go for a run like when I was lacing up my shoes I would get butterflies and an exited feeling. It happened so often I asked a doctor about it and he said your body is anticipating the endorphins

Used to get that. Wonderful feeling.

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I can’t run or jog because I have severe asthma. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I have tried to run on a treadmill, at a slower pace, but I always end up having an asthma attack. :open_mouth:

I do like to hike in the mountains, though. I feel so great, mentally, when I go for a hike. :relaxed:


I get runners high twice a day haha

Never heard of that must be similar to runners high.

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