Rumors in my head

In my head today, voices say that schizophrenia was caused by the government, starting in 1929, and it’s purpose was to target “bad people.” It says that they used psychic power to target teen angers who were partying by experimenting with drugs. This is very naive and, hopefully false. I have never done anything wrong at all. In a music classroom, in Boston, back in 2006, a group met during my songwriting class. They said that they had voted, illegally, for me to have schizophrenia later. My bad father was there. My schizophrenia started seven years later. This week, voices said that they “misfired” since I dress like a musician, and that they are sorry for listening to idiots. Before the schizophrenia began, I had no clue that any people were dumb enough to cause that. The human spectrum of IQ goes much lower than I had known. There are those with the brains of monkeys, and they will irritate a person to death, for fun, and talk endlessly inside of other people’s heads. They look like normal adults. My schizophrenia can mimic anyone, but those visions do not have a second location. The visions that my dad and my friends are causing are different. I can see them, at a familiar location, in the past.

I’d consider going back on meds. You don’t sound like you’re in a good place. I know you’ve tried them in the past though.


You need meds dude. I take them. I got lucky. They work for most folks.

I believe schizophrenia was created by aliens and they infected me throughout the multiverse for eternity through genetic engineering and other methods.

You need meds

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I was told that I had to stop risperdal, for the TD reason. I take insomnia medicine forever now, and that sometimes causes TD, too. I wish that I was one of the healthy people! At least my young years had that.

there’s other meds and td meds out there. It ain’t a perfect world.

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