Ruining my life

Sorry, I’m not going to self-flagellate myself over anything based on false accusations. You’re wrong about me on so many levels, and you need to get over that, because I’m not changing my life one iota for your lies about me.

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Put another way, I’m not going to “jail” for a “crime” I didn’t commit.

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What is the crime they accusing?

The state monitors my thoughts and they don’t like how fussy they are. They want to try to impose real world consequences for fake, temporary, THOUGHTS. As in the fascist bible, 1984.

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Did you tell your pdoc this stuff? If not plz do.

yeah, sounds like your sz talking

I am wondering how these kind of illogical, not practical thoughts coming and most surprisingly how an individual believes in such thoughts.

All I can say is its a false thought and not believe in it. Consider like this, an enemy trying to put false thought in your mind and he know you believe in it if do that. So stop listening to those thoughts and most importantly not believe in it. Instantly discard it as it makes no sense and not practical enough to do so.

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I understand about thinking people can read your thoughts. Just try to get yourself involved in activities where you have to focus so you can stop thinking about it

You can focus on something as simple as coloring or picking weeds outside

Sometimes I will develop an elaborate construct about something going on around me, and then when I come back later a completely different picture appears. There are so many ways our illness can trick us. Try not to let your thoughts run away with you.

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My pdr said I make false connections in my brain, I felt offended by that. I think he meant delusions.
I used to cling on my delusions and believe them but now I just get lost in my delusions and hence can’t cling on or believe them. I think meds do that by weakening working memory idk.

Sounds like we have a lot in common lol

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