Rubik's cube

Designed to drive you insane with frustration. Where the ■■■■ do you start with it? Some people can do them in 5 seconds flat or something like that.

I bought a book on it once, followed the instructions, and solved my cube.


So I have never solved a cube despite trying many times.

It was always too easy to peel the stickers off and reattach them.

I don’t think they make them with stickers any more.

Or instructions

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Here’s the offical instructions, from the rubiks website itself.


I had a retarded friend who loved Rubik’s cube.

Huh never knew this. I thought people just had a magic brain (or a dumb one like me)

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I had a brain fart just reading stage 1 of those instructions. If I had gone further pieces of brain matter would have stuck to the laptop screen!


These things were a hot item when I was in high school in 1982. Everybody had one.

Many people say it’s the most popular toy in history. As for me the most frustrating - never solved it ;(

I solved one as a kid by peeling off the stickers once. Does that count? :slight_smile:

The only puzzles I’m quite good at are crosswords and other word puzzles.

Interesting fact: in an early version of the big lebowski the dude was heir to the Rubik’s cube fortune.

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Was a book that went into how to do it. Ended up getting that book when I wanted a Rubik’s cube. My brother is the intellect in the family (Also a bachelor’s degree in mathematics )and could never get it ether.

I thought it said @Rhubot’s cube :smile_cat: