Rpg jrpg ? what to choose

best RPG JRPG ? … fdsfdssdfd


disgea octopath trasveler

lost sphere fdsfdsf

“Tales of” series is pretty fun. I’d recommend using a clear save game so you can unlock Mania mode right from the start though.

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anmy more specific and new 2018

Lost Sphear is a traditional rpg. I’d recommend it if you like old school RPGs.

Disgaea is fun if you’re willing to put hours into it. I played it for awhile. It’s a little overwhelming. You need a lot of time to play that one.

Octopath traveler is fun. The combat system is a lot like old school RPGs but with a mix of Persona’s combat system in that enemies usually have a certain weakness to a particular attack. It is more streamlined than Persona though.

Out of the three in order of what I played most it is

Octopath Traveler
Lost Sphear
Disgaea 5

I enjoyed all three. I’m thinking of playing Octopath traveler again.

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I tried octopath traveler demo but not enjoi as disgea silly fun adventurous story didn’t tried lost sphere but saw a review it’s squere Enix aswell might check it again… but you are very clever you have good knowledge of video games respect… how old r u ? And how long do you play video games … you played so many. What systems you have ? Have you thought about streaming video games

I can’t focus like before. I would pass nearly every video game I played. Now I usually start them but rarely finish. The last video game I finished was Fire Emblem Awakening. Role playing games are my favorite genre.of video games.

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Tales of Berseria is pretty good they say, I haven’t finished it yet but story is good and combat is king. It’s a jrpg btw.

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hey man disgea switch or pc better ? whats online feature ?

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