Roulette in the casino

i hope to win on the roulette table, a sunday morning gamble :fireworks: :ring:

Are you addicted? Be careful

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What we needs is a device that can calculate all of the factors leading up to the ball drop.

It can tell you what number and color to pick every single time.

You walk up and scan everything and it tells you where the ball is bound to end up.

Either that or a ghost could help you win.

YES i am addicted to winning but not losing :fireworks: i am up profit the past 10 years, up thousands profit

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i only pick one number, my number is β€˜β€˜zero’’ i won this morning so now i am celebrating :beers:

@Minnii i get 188euro on the disabilty each week, and its not enough too live on, so i gamble for extra cash, i have to say i am lucky playing roulette over all since i started

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That’s good, if you make money out of it!

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