Rough draft pdoc letter (should i add anything?)

Experienced some akathisia, taking 40mg propranolol before class really helped. Can we continue with propranolol?

Ssri doing all I hoped for, generalized anxiety and ocd are practically nonexistent

Aripiprazole still quite sedating, can’t stay awake in the morning

Psychosis attacks must be discussed. They still come always around 4-6pm or later. Why? What is happening at this time? They occur almost daily now but feature less intrusive thoughts/more anxiety and cognitive impairment.
My strategy is to take 200mg seroquel once i feel it coming then isolate myself in my room and wait for it to pass. It’s always very stressful.

Also during these attacks my face tends to swell up, possibly an immune response?

An interesting idea, could you possibly observe me at some point in the future while psychotic in a controlled setting? Since I relapse immediately off meds all you would have to do would be to skip a dose or titrate down over a number of days? Maybe then we could get some perspective on what exactly is going wrong. Just an idea, I have no idea when this would happen.

Cognitive and negative symptoms became a nuisance mid September, I could barely lift a pencil to do my homework, everything felt impossible. This might have been a reaction to the aripiprazole dose drop. By oct 1st i felt much better, alogia is always there but other negative symptoms like abulia were greatly improved. I think it was possibly the luvox.

School is ok. Human evolution is too hard for me but arabic is easy. I’m afraid of people in my class (paranoia) but i still manage to talk sometimes. People always remark that I’m very quiet. Slow processing speed makes it hard for me to keep up in labs in human evolution usually I’m the last out of the room. I have a hard time thinking on my feet.


Are u still awake…

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Yes, i have school tomorrow i have to sleep

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