Rose-tinted glasses

How do you see the best in things?

I always get dragged down by poor motivation, bad thoughts and general pessimism and it affects my daily functioning

Do you have any advice on how you keep a positive outlook?

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I’ve always tried to find humour in even the most dire circumstances.

When I was psychotic, I wrote down this quote…

“You are the most witty when you are at your wit’s end.”

Sometimes it’s really difficult, not gonna lie. But I have a yin/yang tattoo, and I glance at it to remind me there’s good in the bad. All you gotta do is choose to focus on it.

That is something you can learn. Exercising mindfulness and being aware of your negativity is a start. It takes time and in awhile you are a proffesional positive thinker. Ok, there will be negativity from the environment around you like the daily news and negative people, but you can overcome it. I just read somewhere that fear is a big player in negativity. Maybe when you try to get peace of mind first.

I’ve always been a glass half empty kind of person.My default mode is to fear the worst.


This is a good read.

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