Root cause of trauma {TW}

I have been experiencing physical as well as mental abuse by certain people which probably caused mental illness and more complications in my life and though they are not involved in my life now directly and not visiting or in fact isolating me completely…

I feel they still are influencing my mental health… and also found that they are very keen in pulling me down to the end of even suiciding or running away from life… they were happy when my father and grandfather died and maybe they will be more happy if I die or my life gets ruined…

this proves that there is lot of evil in this world and people are really hard to understand and overcoming these kind of people is kind of exhausting and very stressful… half of my life went on episodes and mental health issues… wish rest is more useful and productive…

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My brother hit me with car and dragged my body over a block at a high speed fracturing skull with bleeding in the brain with 100 more injuries but thats why i am schizoaffective trauma…2 years later my brother raped me causing my dx to be so much worse…trauma.hes my root cause

I had light voices since my 20s but never told anybody trauma made it worse

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@Denice oh I am so appalled and sad this happened…so sorry.


That’s very disturbing and painful experience. Hope you have some peace.

@Melomaniac I dont dwell in my past I take the trauma and except it it happened nothing i can do about it now but move forward and deal with the new life of schizoaffective. I did lead a full life until all this happened but now on ssdi…its ok

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My root causes are child abuse and bullying.

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