Roomate is schizophrenic and suicidal

So Jason moved in 2.5 years ago and I realized he talked to himself fairly early on. I would hear him when he thought hwe was alone or when he is in another room. He doesnt realize I can hear him. First time I thought he was on the phone or something because he’s having a full on conversation. Always critical, vulgar, etc.
Here’s an example:

 "They fvcking hate you.  None of them can fvcking stand you.  Oh, yeah?  You want to try and fvck me in my ass?  Oh, were gonna go that route are we?  How bout I fvck you in your ass..."  paraphrasing here, as he will talk quieter and then get more loud.

In the last two weeks it’s gotten much worse and woken me up out of a dead sleep in the middle of the night, and ill evesdrop. Its become scary.

examples from the last 2 weeks:

" I hate your God, I hate your God, I hate your God." Over. and over. and over and over agin. In the shower…

" You KNEW what he was doing and yet none of you did anything." So…(cant hear) “He wanted to fvck me in my asskole and none of you motherfvckers helped me. He came in my fvcking mouth”

Next night:

" I dont know what to do. That’s why when I hear these voices I think Im going mentally fvcking insane. I cant figure out what they want me to do. So, I know, I know. Well, that’s why I fvcking suucidal.

There are pauses between his speech which leads me to believe a voice is responding to him. He is having full on conversations. It makes me really sad for him. He never does it in company, but is LOUD AS HELL in the house and me and my girlfriend have both heard it. Its obvious anyone could here but he does not get that. I tell him to keep it down the next day but dont call him out on the self talk because I dont know what he would say. When I mentioned to keep it down, he was like " oh sorry, I was playing guitar because i dodnt think anybody was home" I wanted to be like, “No dude. Not the guitar. You having a yelling argument in the bathroom by yourself at 2am.”

I dont know what to do. Please help

maybe talk to a family member of his, a friend of his and get some insight.
is he on medication ?
does he see a therapist ?
maybe talk to him once you have more information… :books:
generally as sz we are harmless…
hope this helps.
take care :alien: .


he has no friends or family around. family in out of state. he said clearly (to a voice in his head) that he was suicidal. hes not diagnosed. he mentioned thinking hes depressed before. i talked to him about that becasue ive been depressed. this seems pretty severe schizophrenia, although i have not experience with this. extremly hostile, but tame in company.

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he has no support system. i dont know if he blacks out when hes talking to himself. hes pretty polite, but when hes in the bathroom or his room, its like he thinks theres noone within 100 miles…

if you are worried about him…contacting his family, is in my opinion the next step.
he is not diagnosed so saying he is schizophrenic is jumping to conclusions…he could be just angry !
you can say to him, when he is calm and lucid, that your worried about him…and hint that maybe he needs to talk to someone about his moods.
take care :alien:


ive heard him address the voices. and state clearly, the voices are driving him insane. He was talking to one voice about other voices, bascially asking for advice from one, on how to figure out what the other voices meant, like it was a puzzle.

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thank you for your reply. I do appreciate it.

Only way you can get him to hospital, if he denies that there is a problem, is to tell the police that he is acting violently. They will come with ER or something. They won’t do any harm to him unless he really does become violent.
He needs a treatment.
Good luck.


normal people talk to themselves…have conversations with themselves.
you care and that is a beautiful thing :trophy:
the fact that he is ’ fine ’ in company…makes me think that he is stable and able to realize what is reality from non reality.
lots of people are odd…but it does not mean they are dangerous…or… not kind :heart:
know some one cares.
take care :alien:


It sounds to me like you are suffering the brunt of a full fledged bout of schizophrenia in your roommate… You have to decide if it is worth it, and after that you have to decide if there is anything you can do about it. Maybe you should extricate yourself from the situation. Despite a wealth of altruistic intentions you might not be able to do anything about it. It is heartwrenching to have to deal with a full fledged sz, but you might not be able to do anything about it.

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It doesn’t matter if the family is close or not - they need to know how serious it is - quickly. They should fly out and meet with him and try to get him into treatment ASAP. Share with his family everything you have shared with us - especially that he may be suicidal and he seems to be hearing voices.

He needs to get to an early psychosis treatment center for a full evaluation - here is a listing, please pass this on to his family:
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You forgot to mention how he is when you meet during the day , I persume , you see him around the house. Yes it is time to worry , I would not approach him directly on the subject of him talking to himself. Both your and his family need to know immediately. Ideally once you have told them and if they intervene, he should no longer live with you. His family need to take care of this if possible. All the best

Meteor brings up a good point - how to interact with him.

We have a good page on our site all about how to interact and help someone who is in psychosis. I recommend you (and his family) read it: