Rome wasnt built in a day


…but it sure was still built, mental illness can be over come, for beating mental illness would be a great self achivement



No, that awful place wasn’t built in a day was it.

You know what they used to do to us in that place? They would send us out, you just wandered out of your mind until you died. They just booted us in the middle of psychosis, we were probably also used for torture theater and experimentations of a morbid nature.

Caligula, i think that is how you spell it, would take children to the edge of a high cliff and just throw them off for fun. And that was their president!

No, rome wasn’t built in a day was it. But it should have never been built in the first place.

I can’t help it, it’s rome.

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i used the term to describe beating mental illness, it is a life time process.

ive studied the history of mental illness right back to the begining.

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The way you used it you made the building of rome sound positive though, as positive as say beating schizophrenia through much effort, when it most certainly was not.

Unless beating schizophrenia takes alot of work and time and is a very bad thing to accomplish?



no you mis read my point, the meaning of beating any mental illness would be a life long process the rewards of victory would be endless, one would become truly great for such a achivement and one could help others along the way.

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