Romantic things you've done

Today I had an idea for a romantic present for Mrs Alien99. I got a jewelry box and wrapped it up. I then bought a bag of Hershey’s Hugs and Kisses from the drugstore. I opened all the individual candies and placed the “HUGS” and “KISSES” little slips into the jewelry box. I enclosed a note that said “Whenever you feel you need a little love, present your hugs or kisses wrapper for one at any time!”

What are some romantic things you’ve done. I don’t care if they’re corny or common, let’s hear it!


I took a shower today . . .



I wasn’t going to post here any longer but this enticed me for some reason.

My first serious girlfriend wasn’t into romantic stuff much at all, but a few things come to mind. We were just kids really, we built a raft out of plastic barrels and wood planking that had a bed sheet sail that we’d float around on looking up at the sky and talking, smoking Camels. We hopped a ride on a freight train and climbed up to the top of a hopper car and watched an amazing sunset, I’m sure we cut quite the figure.

There was another whom I would sit on top of snoopies doghouse, a stage prob in the city park and talk for hours, kiss at red lights, the morning after the night we met found us at the seashore kissing as I watched from my one open eye the most incredible sunrise I’d ever seen.

A few in my 20’s, one whom I took on a walk through the woods, a city girl not used to such, and we found a rocky hilltop where we crafted a stone bench and would sit and again talk for hours until the sun went down over the mountains and lakes. I miss her the most out of everyone and at the time she annoyed the hell out of me. Yet another with whom we’d “borrow” a small electric car and and go for joyrides at night, we layed beneath skylights one night and watched an electrical storm.

I don’t know, both of my first loves told me the exact same thing not long into our relationships “You’re romantic…I’m not at all”


I picked up a girl, threw her on my shoulder, and ran to the nearest bathroom when she had to pee.


I don’t think I have a romantic bone in my body unfortunately.

Hopes and thoughts of the sunshine place

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That’s lovely! But what happened to all the chocolate???:blush:


Ahh yes, the chocolate! Well, Mrs alien99 can’t have chocolate, so I put it in a gallon-size ziploc bag and threw it in the fridge! :grinning: (Man these emoji are ugly)


You’re wife is lucky that you’re so romantic! My husband is wonderful, but he isn’t in the slightest romantic. He does give me red roses every Valentine’s though, and I always dry one of them. I have a bouquet of nine dried red roses now. :grin:


I took a photo of Big Piney from the ground up.

I would sing to a girlfriend in the phone


I’m not really one to take to traditional romantic gestures…

I do give gifts. Or at least have started too, but only if its something that jumps out as something they would want.

It was funny this last girl I was talking too came over once. I had set aside some books for her earlier on. It was one of the first things she did, just walk over and pick them up and browse through them on her own.

A lot of the girls I’ve talked too don’t like to feel obligated. The empowerment of women. They like to take care of themselves and don’t seem to embrace total caterance. They don’t want to be bought, they want to make the choice.

… I do have a strong romantic inclination, but that only really manifests as complimentary statements until the girl commits. At that point flowers and dinners and all that. I understand it well, but I also disdain tradition. Diamond rings, valentines day, all those things… Just cyclical consumption ■■■■■■■■ that is put on us.

The most romantic things I have ever done occurred years ago. After the SZ set in I was unable to date anyone. Too lost and confused and disconnected from normal life. Finally crossing that barrier. All the same I don’t remember the specifics of the relationships before that.

That’s my formal report on the matter.

@anon40540444 That sounds like a very sweet thing to do.

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I walked three miles in the rain to see a girl once. She got a kick out of that.


I can’t give compliments. It just comes off as awkward creepy stalkish behavior.

Ah you just got to work on that man… Don’t compliment them at first. Talk to them and figure out who they are then find their strengths… especially the strengths they are insecure about. Then just tell them that’s how you see them… It’ll probably be true…

Everyone puts effort into things they think they need to be like, but aren’t necessarily comfortable in believing they are nice/caring/smart/independent/whatever else…

If you can figure out what it is they are trying to improve about themselves and encourage them through positive acknowledgement… they’re going to like it…

pretty funny though. It takes time but its a simple system. The girls wouldn’t like to know you’ve got them figured out. They don’t want to be manipulated. They want to be acknowledged and related to.

At least that’s what my understanding tells me at this point.

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