Romance Novels the Possible Key to Overcoming Stigma

I follow Nacho Figueras the famous polo player on Facebook. He has sponsored a Romance Novel series to promote the sport of polo. We could use the same thing to promote education about SZ. It would show SZ in a positive light without being all depressing and dehumanizing.

What do you think? Are there any serious writers here?



I have my opinion about romance novels, but then I think any written work that humanizes people dealing with schizophrenia is a generally good thing.

I think you should pursue this goal because it seems there isn’t really anyone writing romance stories that deal with schizophrenia.

I would love to begin to write again, I seem I can’t do it right now. Maybe it will come back to me.

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I don’t like romance novels either. I consider it to be a genre for mom’s who pretty much teach morals to their children.

I can’t write romance novels. I’m more of a Science Fiction type.

I wish I was talented enough to do something creative to get the world to listen

You can get people to listen. Talk to the ones you’ve told about your illness, even if it is just family. They can go out into the world with your information and be more tolerant human beings.

I don’t know a more tolerate bunch of people than my family to be quite honest, my first diagnosed illness has passed. The second one is passing but I harbour a lot of resentment and bitterness towards doctors especially pdocs, I don’t argue with my diagnosis and certainly don’t argue that I needed treatment but I’m just confused and angry at what a medication can do to a person, it doesn’t happen to everyone I know and it really helps people, but there’s a minority of us out there who have been mutilated by headmeds and it’s really twisted. I feel like I have had attempted murder with some degree of success and it’s torturous. I hate that I bitch and moan so much about it but I’m still just shocked.