Rolling With The Punches

One difficulty I have is in being around large groups of people. For this reason, I have not been to church much over the last few years even though I would love to go. One way I compensate for this, though, is by doing personal Bible studies at home, watching videos online and staying in touch with other believers through text messages on my phone. This is what works for me.

In what ways has your life been affected by your disorder and what methods do you use to overcome these limitations?


Hi some sz can work full time …some can do part time…most of them are jobless like me…

Jesus was the f-ucking best.

I want him back.


Thank you, Pat Meade, even though you were an ass

for letting all us Catholic kids watch Jesus Christ Superstar

and study every song

in its best poetic form

Me too. Been waiting for His return for a long time. And all the songs say it’ll be soon, but I don’t know what that means anymore.


If he comes to me, I won’t be Margaret

I’ll be Mary.

I was confirmed in the Catholic Church as an adult and took the name Mary Magdalene. I always admired her devotion, like how she washed Jesus’ feet with her hair. So beautiful.

I meant Martha

a little dust on the Bible

yeah, Mary was the first who knew he was risen

Martha was a woman to be reckoned with. I could see you being that way: take charge, delegate and get things done. I always thought it wasn’t fair that Jesus said Mary made the better choice to sit at His feet while Martha was working hard… But, I have to admit that I wouldn’t get anything done if Jesus was sitting right in front of me. :heart:

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