Roller skating, they go fast

I often see people doing roller skating. They go very fast, faster than I ride my bicycle. I have never tried it, but it has become another form of exercing here. Have you tried it?

When I was about 12 or 13 me and my friend did rollerblading for a while. it was fun!

yes I too used to go rollerblading in 5th grade or so (10-11 years old)

I kind of think roller blading is more popular in the USA. I think I’ve been when I was a kid but not for a long time. another fun similar thing is ice skating

We used to have an indoor roller skating rink called Happy Wheels that would play music and the floor would be all lit up. I remember this being the place to be on a Friday night when I was 13.

Ice skating was a lot of fun too.

During the 70s Roller Skating was a big in thing to do, especially for kids and teens. I shamefully went round and round in circles - disco music blaring and strobe lights flashing on and off

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I went rollerblading with my SO once, he was riding his bike. We were on a paved bike path. We went out 12 miles and I got tired on the way back so I grabbed a hold of the seat of his bike and he pulled me. We went really fast, it was really fun and a little scary.

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My 85 year old aunt has a pair.

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I went rollerblading for the first and last time when I was around 25 or 26.

Ha! Great memeories!
Every Friday night, we went rollerskating. Sometimes, there were not enough skate sizes to go around-but we loved just being there. So crowded! Blast!