Roll over betwoven

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I had to do it. I can’t help it, it’s out of my control. The Beatles have been my favorite group since I first saw them on TV in the sixties and watched their Saturday morning cartoon.


Ha. Chuck Berry almost went to jail in the nineties for hiding video cameras in the ladies room of a restaurant he owned and a couple of other charges. Roll over Beethoven indeed.

You guys rock! The oldies are the best new hits are mostly highlighted with satanism but original rock and roll was the most genuine stuff around and even the elders back then called it, (the devil’s music).

I want to congratulate you guys for knowing some stuff about the 50s and 60s. It really was the emergence of idols and pop stars and record sales. Jay z says he has records sales that rival the beatles, but everyone knows he’s just an ego maniac from new york that scams people.

Little Richard definitely had one of the most fiery voices in rock n’ roll.

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Yeah, I know.

Yeah you’re right.
But the Rolling Stones had a little hit called “Sympathy For the Devil”. They were pretty dark sometimes.

I was born in 1961. In 1969 my family moved from Los Angelos to the Bay Area. We stayed in San Fransisco for about two weeks with some friends of my parents. Our friends were die-hard hippies.

I was 8 years old so I didn’t really understand what was going on but I knew what hippies were. Their apartment was on Market Street in the middle of all the '60’s action. I vaguely remember seeing black light posters for the first time, I vaguely remember the people hiding some big bag of green stuff from the kids. The house was furnished with bean bag chairs (another first for me) and the shelves were just big boards on cinder blocks.

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I think Bruno Mars really took alot of input from The Police and Sting to make this song. It’s drum machined up and really generic in many ways but is still a catchy tune. Almost as if Sting himself wrote the song. I’m hoping someday my songwriting will pay off just like Bruno Mars’ has.