Rogue one, a star wars topic

Yeah addiction and not being able to sleep if I don’t consume them, that’s ■■■■■■■ wonderful, that doesn’t need a hollywood cult to point facts out. That’s Hollywood!

In Britain we were witness to the start of the affair in detail. See Paula Yates used to interview stars for a morning tv show it was beamed live. Yates was interviewing Hitchens (first time they had met).

The chemistry was electric. I heard they consummated their relationship within half an hour of the interview ending

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Try them long enough and sleep is good and mentally you may be better… It works over placebo and stopping suddenly isn’t a good route …but we all pay the piper in the end.

The other stuff that is cool, is all the chemically buried trauma. Thats the stuff of dreams, especially when you are long on the ■■■■ and can hardly sleep any more. The promise of “psychedelics”.

Antipsychotics aren’t psychedelics. They action differently and it’s not the same beast

Of course, as is found in some NAMI club houses, two zip lock baggies of “Jellie Bellies” are the cure for the common cold. To be fair though, they are only snack sized zip lock baggies, not hefty bags, which the guys and gals carry from cave deweling to cave dewelings.

You find a cure for sz you’ll make several million minimum. Not sure your on the right path there.

If I was to find a cure to schizophrenia, I would have found love and community. How strange is that.

Love is found where you least expect it. Surely you seem some here you could help through some rough spots rather than prove a theorem? We are all organic beasts matey. You could turn to the side of good and it may help you…thus the star wars reference…? Isn’t it better the rebellion comes to help the imperial dynasty?

Maybe all you see is a Play Dough version of reality and the insane ramblings of your mind, but I see dead people and other “fun” stuff AND hear them on occasion. I also hear live peoples thoughts, not just Memorex. I don’t care if you believe me, it’s not a matter of religion, I have witnesses, what do you got? A hand full of Silly Putty to put in your mouth at the correct moment every day, or you will go through withdrawals? It’s not your doing, I’m not blaming you, it’s Western Civics at this point of the Pyramid Schematic. The ■■■■ Most “People” Value vs Reality.

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