Rogue one, a star wars topic

Guess I Knew What You Where Looking For, Might Have Known What I Would Find. The Church, Under The Milkey Way. Some Darth Nokie Doth Say… Where Ever We Go Under!

The Church. Know the reference as you can be aware from my appreciation of rock music. Play the game My friend. You may find it worth doing than going against the grain. :slight_smile: Aussie rock music is pretty easy over here!

My last friend in this place, Aussie Rock is not something or someone, to get over. It belongs to them, lets give it back. How can I preach when our beds are burning?

Fair cop and well done. The lead singer from that band Midnight Oil was a member of parliament over here for a while…only in Australia. He represented the left wing in the two party system. You know your Aussie commercial rock matey.

Fair Dinkem, huh. The Pines and such. I could be IT worker that let a little in my house, so she wouldn
t be roughed. If red ridding hood, had protection from the wolved, the world would grander perhaps than what we drempt it to be.

Fair dinkum. You talk the talk on some things. Other things not so rational. Together we make our worlds…

Wouldn’t you rather be a servant of good over evil? Yeah the mods have to keep the place clean and secure but isn’t playing their game better overall? It’s your choice after all.

You pose probably the best question of our generation. I have to ask at this point, which movie from Mel Gibson do you Value The Most, and if you would race that track, Which Movies From Scorsese?

:notes:devil inside…devil inside…every single one of us is the devil inside… :notes:

Mad Max 1…Amazing visceral piece of motor magic.

After Hours…Amazing Scorcese when he had a sense of humor but edgy nonetheless.

Oh, my goodness, now we have to discus INXS. That’s a huge topic.

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InXs haha good call. We are in the realms of Aussie classic rock…don’t get me started!

:notes: let’s get physical…physical…let me hear your body talk…your body talk… :notes:

Olivia is the bomb

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I had a crush on Olivia after watching Grease.

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Do you think that the lead singer from INXS was sorta Christ? I do. The Band was Golden, and stayed. Just like the Outsiders from S.E. Hinton. Our Friends. Stay Golden.

Michael Hutchence hooked up with Sir Bob Geldof’s Mrs. It wasn’t a good story and years later it was a mess. Man who did Live Aid…Guy who sang for INXS. Lots of lives affected.

The Outsiders so long ago and even the movie was too. Tom Cruise was in it…he is in a cult who don’t like psych meds…are you a scientologist now @mister_lister ? :slight_smile:

Allow me to answer your question about my involvement with Scientology … let me tell you something, I never read an El Ron Hubbard book, and I take anti psychotics and have done so for nearly 20 years. I just can’t quit the “good stuff”. What about you, sailor moon?

I heard bob geldof cared for Hitchens and Paula Yates kids after the pair died. He is quite a dude bob

20 years. Antipychotics have made me a much better human being. I love life and all good. I still have a good time and glad I live my life.

Yeah…Nothing good came of that but Bob did the right thing even with Peaches passing. So sad … Was a horrible story.

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