ROAM study - Online Help for Schizophrenia - Join in

I think @ninjastar recommended this study before? Anyways they just contacted me today out of the blue saying they were ready to enroll me in the study! I had given up on them so I was excited to get their email, especially with my symptoms having been so rough lately, I am very intrigued to see what new coping methods they may have to offer. Cool!


Awesome, really great news for you, @Anna!

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This is info about the study for any interested


I’m almost done with the study now!


Do you think it’s been helpful?

I’m not supposed to talk about it because that could affect your experience with it.


I just got the “payment”. It is in the form of a debit card, and well…everything looks fake. The debit card doesn’t even have my name on it. It just says “valued cardholder”. Now how many people do you think they sent this to for everyone to just be called “valued cardholder”?

And the return address is literally “KING OF PRUSSIA”

The payment is a typical visa gift card. That’s what all giftcards say. It works.

I think they are just studying our spending habits and these video games and therapy stuff is just placebo


King of Prussia is a real place, it’s in Pennsylvania.

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I used to live in King of Prussia. It’s legit. Seriously, you’re getting paranoid. The card doesn’t give you very much money. If they wanted to track our spending habits, they would give us more to spend. But you can also just use it as a debit card to withdraw cash at an ATM if it makes you feel better.