Risperidone causing anxiety

Has anyone who has been on risperidone experienced anxiety and panic coming every couple of days where there is fear of every bad outcome and fear that something bad will happen. I get these anxiety attacks and my brain feels fuzzy and groggy but hyper alert and restless at the same time. I am only taking 2mg of risperidone and was taken off prozac and propanolol to see if that will work. I feel that the pros of taking risperidone outweight the cons tremendously for me since I had psychosis for a year and a half.

2mg is such a small dose. I was taking 15mg risperidone and wasn’t working on my psychosis. I had no anxiety, only sedation

I had that coming off risperdal

I’m pretty sure that risperidone is causing me to be a bit edgy and hyper vigilant.
Most APs make me feel this way.

Vraylar and Abilify were the worst for me.

I felt good on rispirdal most of the time only I would get horrific breakthrough symptoms which meant paranoia anxiety panic
When I took rispirdal with antidepressants it was more bearable