Risperdone users please participate

If 1mg risperdone is included among your med. will you please give me the numbers printed on the pill. I would like to do research and see witch one is better to take.

I am taking 1mg risperdone 5685 . It gives dizziness and low sex drive

Qualitest Pharmaceuticals is what you’re taking.

I know that the 2mg with the same company is much better than the 1mg

Can you get prescribed the 2 mg ones and split them?

Doctor will not allow that.

That is stupid. Prescribe a quantity of 15 and take half a pill every night. 30 day supply right there. That’s just retarded.

I can also tell you from personal experience, Mylan tablets are horrible.

If you can, go to the pharmacy and ask them if they can go back to the manufacturer that they used to use. It can and does make a difference for some medications.

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it depends on the medication, but some time release meds cannot be cut open, or else they lose their time-released properties, for example.

I always try to use brand name when it comes to meds that hit my brain chemistry - If you are able to go with brand name its a wiser choice. Not all generics are created equal. The more complex the med, the more one should stick with the brand name - cut 2 mg generics in half, I am sure it is allowed

There is no time-release version of Risperdal.

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The one i used to take, the manufacturing compony doesn’t have contract anymore to make risperdone, but there are other better risperdones, but i don’t know which manufacturing company is making so that i can ask my pharmacy to order for me.

There’s a new injectable one that you get a shot of every three or so weeks.

Wish I could be of more help with this. All I could find on Wikipedia is: Risperidone became available as a generic drug in October 2008 from Teva Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, Inc. and Patriot Pharmaceutics. The Patriot generic is an authorized generic pharmaceutical. The drug is currently marketed in India under several brand names including Risperdal, Risdon and Sizodon.

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