Risperdal still in the system?

Either this Latuda medicines not as perfect as it sounded in the forum or i still have risperdal in my system. It’s been a month and half. Is it possible i still have risperdal i my system? When should I get my sex drive fully back.

I don’t think it will ever come back like it used to be. Just my opinion though.

I had this sex drive problem on amisulpride, and tried to come off it, but my sex drive never came back. Ever since I started taking meds I had problems with it. In the past I took meds for a few years then came off for five years and the sex drive returned until I resumed taking pills when I relapsed. Perhaps it takes a long time to come back.

My dr recommended Latuda in addition to abilify. Says it’ll help my mood. My psychosis is good from abilify but recommend me Latuda for mood more

I’ve also noticed some disturbances on Latuda but it might be just Geodon withdrawal. I thought the half life of these meds are really short?

Im permanently damaged.

@Mottec which medication did you take?

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