Risperdal dosage doubts

Hi people from this forum, I’m writting here to state my doubts about risperdal dosage. So… 1 week ago my psychiatrist prescribed me 3mg of Risperdal a day every night. I was taking zyprexa before (10mg) which made me gain too much weigh (15kgs in about 1 month) I complained to my doctor about that, then she decided to give me abilify (10mg), which I couldnt tolerate, had really bad nausea and a feeling of throwing up from every little physical effort I would do. Not having many options left, she prescribed me Risperdal, and so I have been taking it for a week now. My concerns are the following: its 3mg a high, regular or low dose? How much is 3mg equivalence in Zyprexa or Abilify? Will I be able to get off the weigh obtained with zyprexa? Im planing to do cardio 20 mins a day and dont eat junk food. If thats not the case (lose weigh on 3mg) will I be able if I reduce the dose to 1.5mg? Is 1.5mg low? Well, thats all I think. Thanks in advance!

I’m on 2mg of Risperidone and have been told by my pdoc and others that that’s a low dose. I’ve heard of people being on anywhere up to 8mg if that helps you at all.

I haven’t put any weight on (I’ve actually lost weight) but I do hear it’s a side effect.

i read one time that doses of risperdal range between 0.5 and 16 mgs per day. I was on 2 mgs every night for four years, then increased to adding .5 in the morning.

I take 1mg every night. I used to take 2mg every night. I gained 20 pounds on that dose.

risperdal 3 mg is a normal dose …im on risperdal 4.5mg …there is lot of weight gain with zyprexa …if you compare zyprexa and risperdal …zyprexa causes more weight gain…dnt knw how much of 3mg risperdal is equivalent to zyprexa/abilify…but my weight is under control with risperdal …wish u luck !!!

I take the same dose (3mg risperidone) and have been told it’s a normal and even low dose.

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I’m on 3mg of Risperidone as well.
It’s an Average dose, yes, even on the lower side.

You can lose weight while taking Risperidone.
It’s not impossible.