Risperdal, a doctors point of view

Dr Mark Viner is a practicing psychiatrist in Nevada - He acts off the wall for publicity - he is actually a good doctor it seems. He reviews many different kinds of psych meds. Out of the antipsychotics he likes Risperdal, Invega, perphenazine. Haldol, and Clozaril and some others. He is not a big fan of the atypicals. Here is his review and take on Risperdal (risperidone)


Dr of mind! One of my favorites on youtube!

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Hey alien, I really go to him when trying out a new med - I think he usually is spot on

Very interesting Wave - thanks for posting.

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Hey lovemyson - glad you find it interesting. Whenever I go on a new med, I go to drofmindmd (Dr Mark Viner) to see and hear what he has to say on the different psych meds, usually I find him to be exact - I also go to other online sources, but I always do my homework :smiley: He can be found on youtube under drofmindmd

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He reviews many different kinds of psych meds

how can he review the medication if he is not ill?

Good to know - thanks!

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@alias what I meant by review is he gives his professional opinion on a med - he is a qualified psychiatrist.Most doctors do not go through the same illnesses as their patients or take the same meds, but they went to medical school and studied these meds for years, plus they have some experience with what their patients take and how they are doing on these meds. I would like to think that you know what I am talking about